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I Imported My Previous Blog Posts From Typepad to WordPress

I used a blog service called Typepad way back in the day, and I had some pretty popular posts over there. Some of them were used to find answers to tech questions, which is the primary topic on which I blogged before. So in order to make sure those posts were maintained, I’ve imported them to this site. That’s why you might see posts dated 2005 and earlier. I’ll be slowly going through and removing some of the spam comments that had appeared on those posts, as well.

I was really impressed with how easy the process was, though. In Typepad, I simply went to the Settings tab of the blog, then the Import/Export screen. Click the Export button. Click then download button after Typepad completes the export process. Then, if you are using Google Chrome as your browser, the export file will open in your browser, so right-click and choose save as to save the export file to your computer. See the screenshots below.

After you’ve saved the file, you’ll need to import it into WordPress. I’m currently using WordPress 3.4.1, so if you’re using a different version the interface may look a little different, but the process should be the same. In your WordPress admin interface, choose Tools -> Import. Then click Movable Type and Typepad. Finally, click Choose File to find the file you saved to your computer and then click Upload File and Import. Again, screenshots are provided below for your information.

Click here for Screenshots

After you’ve imported your posts, you may need to go through and moderate comments, as I discovered. The export and import processes includes all comments from the old Typepad blog. In my case, since this was an old blog with popular pages, there were quite a few useless and spammy comments. I’m still removing those. I hope this short walkthrough was helpful!

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