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One hell of a blog about the tsunami in Sri Lanka

If you want what I believe is a great example of the proper role of a religious organization in a disaster like this, take a look at the Faithful America weblog. I found them after hearing a discussion on The World on NPR last night. That site has the audio available if you want to listen – it is the January 12 show.

Disaster time, in my opinion, should not equal conversion time. As Christians, we are called to model Jesus’ compassion and show God’s love to those in need, not convince them that it is time to follow him because we are helping them. If they ask what makes us want to help, then we should speak of the very nature of humanity that we believe is derived from God first and then that we feel directly the compassion of Jesus for us in his sacrifice on the cross. I would hope that we would suggest to them that there would be time later to discuss more of the specifics of our faith rather than taking advantage of a vulnerable time in their life. Most importantly, I would hope that we would remind them that MANY religions (and agnostic organizations, too) are helping in the aftermath – it is not solely a Christian value to respond to a human tragedy of this magnitude.

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  1. Jamie Jamison January 13, 2005 at 7:14 pm #

    I accidentally deleted a second copy of this post that had a comment from someone who disagreed with me. I thought I was deleting the copy of the post that had no comments. I hope that the person who posted that comment will come back and repost it or further comment on their ideas.