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Thorough analysis of the US IP network’s potential future

[via CNET News]

One nation under Internet Protocol

J. William Gurley considers the likely timetable for a single, super fast pipe into the U.S. home.


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Good article on securing your Pocket PC

[via PDACorps]

Securing your Pocket PC

Chris De Herrera at CEWindows.net has published an excellent guide to securing Pocket PCs running the Windows Mobile 2003 OS.  Whilst ostensibly aimed at companies deploying Pocket PCs, it contains important points for all users to note regarding the security risks of using these devices to store important information.  Notable threats include the general lack of virus-scanning software on most PPCs and the possibilities of keyboard sniffing through third-party SIPs. Read the entire article here.

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Pinging Technorati from Typepad

All you Typepad weblog authors out there should make it a habit to ping the Technorati website whenever you post to your weblog. Typepad gives you the option of pinging blo.gs and weblogs.com in your weblog configuration (Weblogs -> Configure -> Publicity & Syndication). They don’t, however, make it a setting option to ping the Technorati spider, and I wanted to start doing this to ensure that the topic I talk about will show up in their keyword search.

The only thing you have to do is add the following snippet to your Trackback section:


That’s all there is to it. You should do this for every post that you publish. If you are using an offline writing application, like ecto, typewriter or zemp, then you should just be able to add that location to your trackback or other sites to ping section.

By pinging Technorati, you ensure that a new post will be indexed as fast as possible in their link cosmos. I hope this helps everyone.

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New PC Setup (Corporate)

I thought it might be interesting to write about the steps I follow when setting up a new PC in a corporate environment. These are some basic assumptions upon which the article is based:

  • the workstation you are installing is running Windows XP Professional; Windows XP Home cannot be installed in a corporate domain;
  • the network on which you are installing the computer provides DHCP service;
  • the network uses a Windows Active Directory Domain; and,
  • you know the administrator password of said domain.

You should only really go to the extended version of the post if you are interested in a step-by-step account of setting up a new workstation on a Windows domain.

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Quoted in the Bucks County Courier Times

Great news!

This site was mentioned, and I was quoted in the Bucks County Courier Times. The article is here.

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Particularly Blog-Vexing Internet Explorer 6 Bug

Here is a mention of a problem people have with selecting text in Internet Explorer on certain weblogs. The issue, however, is not related to weblogs alone and would occur on any site where absolute positioning is used in the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for the site. Here is a link to a discussion in the newsgroups that pertains to the tag in question.

For more information on CSS, take a look at at the series that has started over at Glenn’s News of the Day. He has links to other sites with more info on CSS. Also, take a look at the book Cascading Style Sheets – The Definitive Guide over in my bookshelf section.

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