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Archive | August, 2003

Two Shows Nightly: WSJ Says TechTV For Sale

Two Shows Nightly: WSJ Says TechTV For Sale Well, here we go. I have to say that in reading this article from Leo’s blog, I was very concerned. I agree with most of the folks that have commented on the post – Sony looking at the channel as a place to promote its products is a dangerous thing.

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Instant Messaging and Microsoft

Here is a story from eWeek that discusses Microsoft’s recently announced plans to limit access to the MSN Messenger service by outside parties. There are several 3rd party messaging clients out there that allow you to connect to multiple networks simultaneously. My preffered client is Trillian, which supports MSN, AIM, Yahoo, IRC, and ICQ, as well as plugins for other services like RSS feeds.

If you read the article, you will see that Microsoft is arguing that security and user protection is the primary reason for their decision. I find this a little hard to swallow. I think MS is trying to protect their control of their own messaging platform. Honestly, the only way I would support licensing for access would be if it allowed the 3rd parties to put additional features in their clients, like support for video and remote assistance – features that are currently available in Windows Messenger.

Only time will tell, but I suggest those of you who use IM for communication follow this one. I will be.

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Tax on LANs in Florida

This story, unfortunately, is no joke. If you can believe it, the Department of Revenue in Florida has drafted a rule that would tax LAN and WAN equipment at the state rate of 9% of depreciation or lease payments + local options (which in Orlando are between 5.5 and 6.5%). Granted, this is just a draft rule and will likely be changed before the final is put in place, but it certainly makes me glad not to be living in Florida.

What’s next, a tax on the use of paper, since it allows you to communicate with other people? Or pehaps a special tax on microphones or speakers, since they are just another form of broadcast communication? Yay Florida!

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VoIP Regulation and the Big Bad Phone Company

It isn’t hard to believe that most of the major telephone companies want the fledgeling Voice over IP industry to have to deal with the same mire of regulation that they do. Read this article at CNET to get more details about which companies are on which side of the issue.

Personally, I believe there is some level of regulation that should be required, for instance the ability to effectively dial 911 and for properly authorized law enforcement agencies to conduct wiretaps. Apart from that, though, there are few things that need to be regulated in theVoIP world. We still have land lines and other alternatives for voice telephone service- if you want all of the “features” that regulation brings, then use them. The Bells should spend less time whining about regulating competition out of existence and more time figuring out a way to leverage or improve their existing infrastructure to compete more effectively.

There is a new article at CNET that discusses where VoIP is in regards to technology maturity. It was prepared by Forrester Research.

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Wireless Home Network

I can’t even begin to tell you how widespread the issue of open home wireless networks is. I have been to three different clients recently to assist them with issues they had and discovered multiple open access points allowing me the use of their neighbor’s Internet access. In several of the cases, I was able to determine the model of router they were using and log in with the default password.

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First Post

Well, this is my first post to my new blog. Here, I will attempt to record information that I find interesting and pertinent regarding personal and business technology. I will post links to reviews and products of note, as well as my own personal thoughts and opinions.

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